Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Robert Mugabe Bio - Zimbabwean President

CDE Robert Gabriel Mugabe is the President and First Secretary of Zanu PF.

He was born on 21st February 1924 at Kutama Mission in Zvimba, about eighty kilometres from Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.

President Mugabe holds a BA (Fort Hare); B.Admin.,B.Ed (UNISA); BSc. Econ., LLB, LLM, MSc. Econ. (University of London); and many honarary awards.

Comrade Mugabe taught at various schools in Zimbabwe between 1942 and 1955; Chalimbana Teacher Training College in Zambia (1955 - 1958); and at St Marys Teacher Training College, Takoradi, Ghana (1958-1960).

After incarceration for more than a decade in white imperialist prisons, comrade Mugabe led, plotted and executed the liberation armed struggle that brought independence to Zimbabwe in 1980. Ever since, ZANU PF repeatedly won land slide victories in 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005.

Convinced that Zimbabwe is not yet a fully politically and economically emancipated nation, President Mugabe continues to lead Zimbabweans in the fight against the exis of human evil perpetrated by some western govenments and their proxies under the guise of democracy, respect for the rule of law and other notions never practiced when whites invaded Zimbabwe and butchered those who resisted.

President Mugabe is a principled cadre renowned for his tanacity and dynamism. He leaves the idea of a free Zimbabwe from all forms of bondage and has vowed to cling on to Zimbabwe, the only country he knows to have, loves, incacerated for and auduously fought for.

In President Mugabe, Zimbabweans have a statesman, revolutionary, warrior and a father who has taught them not to brook any interferences from any quarter - rich or powerful when it comes to the matters of Zimbabwe.

That Zimbabwe's destiny should be curved out by the Zimbabweans themselves are the daily teachings of the legendary, revolutionary and liberation icon - President Robert Gabriel Mugabe "Gushungo".

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